About Us

Jedlick Molding Corporation is an Injection Molding and Mold making company. With over 50 years experience in complex, high-precision injection molding, we have the capability to take your project from concept to completion. Our services span beyond the molding process into assembly, packaging, and shipping. Jedlick Molding is a leader in automated production of high quality plastic parts for a wide range of industries, covering everything from automotive to electronics.

You are able to work with the same people from conception to completion, reducing lag time in communication between suppliers, and eliminating the "finger pointing" often played when working with multiple companies. This enables us to significantly reduce downtime and cost when problems arise in production, saving our Customers time and money.

We work closely with customers to transform their design into a finished product. We service the sports equipment, electronics, medical, communications, and consumer product industries, and pride ourselves on our precision, prompt products delivery, high quality, and competitive prices.


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