Our Capabilities

Jedlick Molding is a custom injection molder, specializing in tight tolerance of engineering-grade resin polymers.

Our capabilities range from prototype tooling and material sampling to single-/multi-cavity productions.

Our Molding Department is a 24-hour production facility, with a wide variety of presses that range in size from 30 to 700 tons with barrel capacities of 1.9 to 14 oz., that allow for high-precision reproduction.

Jedlick Molding operates in a clean environment. Each press area houses the necessary support equipment, including dryers, granulators, water/oil temperature controllers, robotic sprue pickers and part pickers. All presses are equipped with vacuum material loaders with sight glass controls and portable drying systems. Moisture analysis readings are taken and recorded to assure dry material.


Industrial injection molding press machine for the manufacture of plastic parts using polymers in the management of worker

After a new tool or mold passes our sampling and approval process to part print, it is ready for production. The number of parts a mold will produce is determined by each customers requirements. These volumes can range from a few thousand to millions of parts per year.

Quality & Reliability

A great looking part is only half the battle. It must perform to the mechanical requirements and be cost effective to manufacture. Jedlick Molding will work with you on the design and specification stage to accomplish the following:

Make the appropriate material selection - Jedlick Molding leverages our own experience with long-standing relationships with industry leading material scientists to provide the best material for your specifications.

Part design review - During the design stage we can offer manufacturing engineering resources in a consulting fashion to aid in considering manufacturing efficiencies with respect to part design.

Manufacturing Engineering - Engineering the manufacturing process to maximize efficiencies of assembly resources at your facility or our facility.

Smart Tool design - There are many strategies that can be employed to build a mold and varying strategies can drastically affect mold cost and part cost. Our Engineering staff reviews the tool design to match tool design with EAU and design specifications to ensure cost effective tool builds match cost effective part manufacturing cost.

Specification assistance - Our engineering staff provides assistance with mechanical, cosmetic and packaging specifications along with design and fabrication of custom inspection gauges, drawings and packaging design.

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